We develop innovative lighting systems that perfectly meet design demands, functional requirements, industrial conditions and regulatory requirements.

To this end, we work together with our clients to develop smart solutions for highly innovative lighting products. This includes among other things:
- Lighting technology and mechanical integration
- Implementing customized hardware and software concepts for complex lighting functions
- Dynamic lighting scenarios, some with hundreds of individually controlled lighting elements

We rely on the latest methods of virtual product validation in quality management and to document our work results. This enables us to render physically based lighting systems and to display them fully dynamically in virtual environments. On request, we also support our clients in operational project management – from pre-development to production start-up (SOP).

But regardless of the service area in which we support our clients:
With our superior design-to-manufacturing know-how and access to the connected supply chain, we always have the entire development process in view in order to achieve the utmost for our clients at every step.